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This studio not only takes pride in our piercing work, but we also take pride in offering our clients the best possible aftercare routes. We ship products from America and other continents to find the best possible aftercare products that are on the market. You will not find better in this country than what I stock in my studio. To my knowledge, I am the first to stock these products that people in the USA and professional piercers from the Association are going crazy about because of how excellent they are. I vouch for them 100%. I also understand that not everyone has the same budget, but at my studio that doesn’t matter. I stock products suited to everyone’s budget and you can walk away with an excellent aftercare for only R10 and that will heal you perfectly. Don’t be shy if you don’t have the bucks – I will help you no matter your financial status. Here is an idea of some of the products the studio stocks – click on the thumbnails to jump to the product details and prices. Please note that all of these products are vegan and environmentally consciously made. That is very important to me and my studio.













Tattoo Goo Piercing Aftercare Kit

Keeping bacteria and germs out of new piercings is vital for safe healing. Good for both internal and external piercings, the Complete Piercing Aftercare Kit has everything you need to keep your new piercing clean and healthy:

Blue Wave™ Medical Grade Saline Cleansing Solution
This all-natural sterile solution accelerates the healing process for both oral and dermal piercings.

Tattoo Goo® Deep Cleansing Soap
Get broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antibacterial protection in a gentle, pH balanced formula.

X-Pression® Extra Strength Antiseptic Spray
This piercing aftercare spray contains Cet-C, a powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial that prevents infection.




Now this is probably the best product you could buy out of all the options. It is a full kit with everything you need to successfully heal a piercing. It contains a quality saline spray, which is what is recommended for fresh and healing piercings, so that is vital to use for the beginning. It contains an extra strength piercing aftercare, this I only recommend using once the piercing is healed or if (rarely) it begins to smell. It is also good to use if the piercing has been exposed to something that could cause an infection, in that case all you do is spray a lot on your piercing and then after 15 minutes rinse it off with saline, or even just leave it on! It is a brilliant product. Now this amazing kit also contains a soap, the only soap that is appropriate to clean healed piercings with, so there is no crust gathered in the piercing and no odour. It is a brilliant option for people who believe cleaning piercings with soap is a plausible option. I disagree with most – but vouch for this one!

- Your Piercer, Jarryd Lithgow

Recovery Aftercare Saline Spray

Recovery Aftercare Spray is a vegan-friendly, natural way to rinse and refresh new or irritated piercings with a purified saline wash solution. It is environmentally friendly, with no CFC, drugs, preservatives, or additives. It promotes healing and maintains the well-being of new piercings by removing dirt and debris. The solution is gentle, but still has a cooling effect which soothes the skin. The aluminum bottle itself is recyclable and has a 360° dispense that allows for the can to be held in any position.

  • 100% Pure saline spray
  • Vegan-friendly
  • 99.5% aluminum recyclable can with 360° dispenser
  • Hermetically sealed to prevent contamination with bacteria and dust
  • Content protected from air and light to prevent degradation
  • Preservative, drug, and CFC free
  • No ozone depleting ingredients
  • Ingredients: Purified water, 0.9% Sodium Chloride



Now this stuff is the bee’s knees, it is the only thing that I, myself will use on my piercings. It heals piercings like a miracle product and the American top of the range piercers are going crazy over it! It’s the new “in” thing in the piercing industry and it uses purified, sterile sea salt water with the correct salt levels in a spray to spray on your piercings and use it to give them a soak. You cannot go wrong with this. This is the best saline aftercare product besides the one in the kit.

- Your Piercer, Jarryd Lithgow

Recovery Sea Salt Mouth Rinse

Recovery Mouth Rinse is an alcohol-free mouthwash enhanced with sea salt and infused with refreshing peppermint to promote healing and clean oral piercings. It’s a vegan-friendly, natural way to keep new or irritated facial/oral piercings healthy without any added alcohol or artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. This gentle sea salt mouthwash can also be used to promote healing after dental work and/or oral surgery, and it is safe for even children to use with supervision.

Recovery Oral Piercing Aftercare mouthwash is comprised simply of purified water, sea salt, a solvent to blend the first two ingredients perfectly, a light preservative, and refreshing peppermint oil. It’s a great alternative to plain sea salt solutions because it leaves your mouth minty fresh without drying it out the way alcohol-based mouthwashes would. The high quality, mineral-rich Maris Sal sea salt contained in this rinse is the true “magic” ingredient as it is the most natural way to help lip, cheek, and other oral piercings heal naturally and beautifully. Professionals in both dentistry and the piercing industry recommend saltwater to ease swelling and pain that occur in the mouth. Note that a topical sea salt solution like our Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray should be used externally in conjunction with the Recovery Mouth Rinse to thoroughly heal lip and cheek piercings.

  • 100% Pure saline spray
  • Vegan-friendly
  • 99.5% aluminum recyclable can with 360° dispenser
  • Hermetically sealed to prevent contamination with bacteria and dust
  • Content protected from air and light to prevent degradation
  • Preservative, drug, and CFC free
  • No ozone depleting ingredients
  • Ingredients: Purified water, 0.9% Sodium Chloride




Like the other Recovery product, this is one that the people are going crazy for. It is very important to not use alcohol based mouthwash products when healing your oral piercing, and this one is the best. It is a sea salt mixture that is peppermint flavoured, with the correct amount of salt to heal a mouth piercing. This is a Recovery product, what else do I even need to say? I cannot recommend this mouthwash that comes to me to get their tongue pierced enough. Anything of the Recovery brand is a miracle.

Your Piercer, Jarryd Lithgow

Smelly Gelly

Recovery Smelly Gelly is a conditioner developed to help piercings stay healthy and clean. It contains natural emollients that hydrate, soften, and moisturize the skin, and soothing essential oils that reduce redness, itching, and irritation. This blend of natural ingredients contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and combined with the cleansing and deodorizing effects of this formula, Recovery Smelly Gelly also acts as a healing agent that will soothe newly stretched skin. It is also great for use on healed stretched piercings to keep the skin healthy and as a lubricant when inserting larger gauge jewelry.

  • Size: 8.5g
  • For use on healed piercings as well as newly stretched piercings
  • Keeps piercings healthy and clean with natural emollients and soothing essential oils
  • Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties with cleansing and deodorizing effects

With clean hands, remove and clean your jewelry and piercing as instructed by your piercer. Rub Smelly Gelly onto your fingertips, then massage it into your piercing. Apply a thin layer of Smelly Gelly to your jewelry and reinsert.




So, as some people know, healed piercings can start to develop an odour, which is completely natural and resolvable, this happens especially with septum piercings and people who stretch their ears to high gauges. But not to worry! Smelly Gelly will save the day. Just rub a bit on the jewellery and the piercing site, and (only if it’s healed) move it around so the cream lathers the inside of the fistula. This is a brilliant product which has saved many of my clients from wanting to take their piercings out because of the odour. This is a great product even for piercings that don’t smell bad, it’s great just to keep them clean!

Your Piercer, Jarryd Lithgow

Recovery Sea Salt from the Dead Sea

People have been harnessing the extreme powers of the Dead Sea for thousands of years. Unlike regular sea water, the Dead Sea has far less pollution and sodium chloride. Instead it boasts a large percentage of bromides, this unique blend of minerals creates a remarkable healing solution.

Recovery Sea Salt from the Dead Sea lets you be in control of your aftercare needs. This 2.65oz container yields up to 60 sea salt soaks. Create your own saline solution to soothe new and existing piercings, or use it for therapeutic treatments, salt scrubs, and more.


  • 100% pure Dead Sea salt
  • Yields up to 60 sea salt soaks
  • Fine grain salt (0-2mm)
  • Use for piercing aftercare solution, baths, salt scrubs, therapeutic treatments, spas, and more
  • Characteristics: Unrefined, Natural White Color, Very High Mineral Content, Low Moisture, Kosher†
  • Product of the Dead Sea in Beer Sheva, Israel
  • Meets PDV Standard

Simple Directions:

  1. Measure 1 cup of sterile or distilled water.
  2. Mix 1/4 tsp sea salt into the water, preferably while it is still hot.
  3. Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil if desired and stir well.
  4. Submerge your piercing into the mix for 5 to 10 minutes.




For people who like to make their own salt water/saline solutions, and don’t know what salt to use, here is your answer. People often make the mistake of using “iodated” table salt to clean their piercing. This is a big mistake, it should always be natural, non-iodated sea salt. This product tops it. Unlike regular sea water, the water from the Dead Sea has far less pollution and sodium chloride, making it more gentle than any salt on the market for your piercing. It boasts a large percentage of bromides, this unique blend of minerals makes a wonderful healing solution. This product yields up to 60 saline soaks. Plus it’s a Recovery product, what else do I need to say?

Your Piercer, Jarryd Lithgow

Tattoo Addict Piercing Care

Tattoo Addict’s Piercing Care contains a balanced saline solution that heals your piercing like nothing else will. Simply just spray on your new piercing and go. Healing your piercing has never been this easy.



This is a saline spray that is made nationally; I have heard great things about it and have had nothing but positive feedback on it. It is also way lighter on the pockets than some of the overseas products I offer, especially if you want a spray.

Your Piercer, Jarryd Lithgow

Tattoo Addict Aftercare

Tattoo Addict Aftercare is specially formulated to aid in the healing process of a tattoo.

TATTOO ADDICT is specially formulated with Pro-vitamin 5 to aid in the healing process of your tattoo.  It is manufactured with no fragrances, colorants or antiseptics to minimise irritation to even the most delicate skin.

The formulation creates a smooth breathable layer to help the most sensitive skin with healing.


  • Grapeseed Oil –  absorbs into the skin faster than most oils and is used as a carrier for the benefits of essential oils
  • Cera Alba (Beeswax) helps to hold in moisture, protecting the skin from dryness and prevents clogging of pores
  • Shea Butter – helps repair the epidermis by promoting cell regeneration
  • Rosemary Oil – acts as an anti-oxidant
  • Allantoin – promotes healing of wounds, is soothing and an anti-irritant
  • Lavender Oil – which has many anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Vitamin E – acts as an anti-oxidant and helps with skin regeneration
  • Directions for use:
  • Wash new tattoo thoroughly.
  • Apply TATTOO ADDICT liberally over surface leaving thin protective layer of product
  • Apply at least 3 to 4 times daily until tattoo is healed.

Benefits of use:

No scabbing.  Regular use of TATTOO ADDICT, as indicated, will reduce the incident of dehydration and scab formation, thus ensuring that you obtain the best possible effect from your tattoo.

Preserves tattoo colours.  The protective barrier provided by TATTOO ADDICT will ensure that the colours in your tattoo are protected and preserved

Quick heal time. 

Please review ingredients for allergy before use

If any reaction occurs please discontinue use




This is a tattoo aftercare product, and the reason why I sell it is because I have tried every product on the market to heal my tattoos and this one blows them all out of the park. It truly is excellent, all natural and vegan ingredients (unless you count the beeswax). But I compared this to Bepanthen which is what they usually tell you to use – don’t. They have changed the recipe and it is no longer good for tattoos. It has too much salt and too many additives. Even when Bepanthen was good, I still tried this one too and it worked 10x better. Trust me on this, I have found ONE product that is as good as this one and you can only get it overseas. But this product is the best that you can nationally get for healing tattoos. PS: A good soap to use when washing your tattoos is the non-perfumed dove soap. Works great.

Your Piercer, Jarryd Lithgow

X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Piercing Spray

X-Pressions Piercing Spray can be used with both internal and external piercings. The ready to use formula eliminates the need to dilute the product in water. X-pressions Ready to Spray and Swabsaftercare contains Cet-C a powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial. X-pression contains no alcohol or sodium with a pleasant flavoring, which provides for no bitter aftertaste, stinging or burning. Packed in a 2 oz. pump spray it is convenient to carry in pocket or purse. Because it is non aerosol, the formula poses no environmental threat. X-Pressions is also available in a convenient liquid swab form.


  • Size: Approximately 60ml
  • Peppermint flavour
  • Contains Cet-C – antibacterial
  • Does not contain alcohol





This aftercare product is a life saver for many. I’ll get to what it does for the standard piercings just now but this product is great for oral piercings, especially the Smiley (upper frenulum piercing) and tongue web piercings (which I am cautious with anyway as placement is important to avoid dental damage). Not so great for tongues though, as the bottle is not so big, so rather opt for one of my mouthwashes. Just spray either of those two piercings in your mouth a couple times and consider them clean (remembering to follow oral aftercare too), but this product is to stay safe during the day or when out. With standard piercings I only recommend using this when it becomes necessary, like if it gets infected and needs something stronger (along with saline soaks) and if the piercing is healed and has an odour. This product is good for eliminating infections and eliminating crust and odour from healed piercings. It’s also great to clean the inside of a lip or monroe piercing. Grab this one and have some fun with it and, as they say, “keep your holes clean” 😉 

Your Piercer, Jarryd Lithgow

Medical Sterile Disposable Pillowcases

These covers offer a hygienic solution by guarding against stains, spills, and bodily fluids. Each tissue/2-ply poly latex-free pillow case measures approximately 21” long by 30” wide.


  • Tissue/2-Ply poly pillowcases; latex-free
  • 21” (L) x 30” (W)
  • Supports infection control and sanitary procedures




Anyone who gets a piercing on their ear or face should seriously consider getting one of these. I always encourage changing of bedding to fresh, washed sheets before getting pierced, but what better than to put a sterile pillowcase on that you can use for the first few days? If you are prone to infection, or are just serious about healing your piercings, get one of these. Your piercing will thank you.

Your Piercer, Jarryd Lithgow

Studio Homemade Aftercare – Small Saline Bottle

I put this product together myself, for people who couldn’t afford the more expensive ones, but it is nonetheless excellent. It is a solution of sterile, isotonic, 0.9% saline that is perfect for healing piercings. It has the same salt content as what is naturally found in the human body (as all the saline products I offer do), making it excellent for healing any piercing. So don’t worry if you’re not keen on spending, you can heal a piercing perfectly with this amazing little bottle of magic.



Studio Homemade Aftercare – Saline Mouthwash

I made this mouthwash for people who are on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy the international products. Nonetheless, it is still perfect for healing your oral piercing, it is the perfect percentage of sterile non-alcoholic mouthwash and sterile saline. It is the perfect mix and doesn’t need to be watered down. Low on money? Don’t stress! The studio has got you covered




I offer this for free to anyone that comes to me with a bump on their piercing. These come from irritation and fiddling with the jewellery or sleeping on it. But zambuk works like a bomb for getting rid of it whether it is a keloid or just hypertrophic scarring. Zambuk and saline compresses will do the job.