Including Jewellery!

That’s right – all my pricing includes high quality, safe starter jewellery that is the best choice to promote healing of your new piercing. The below prices are for cash discounts – if you’d like to pay by card, it will be a few rands extra to allow for swipe charges. While I do my best to keep these prices up to date, they are subject to change without notice. Pricing could also change if you decide to pick a different piece of jewellery to the already included one – if you have any questions about pricing, just ask! Please use the filters below to easily jump to your desired piercing category on this page.

These are the prices for a private, luxury experience in a surgical setting where everything that touches your body is either single-use (jewellery and piercing implement) or has been sterilized in an autoclave and then stored in a U.V sterilizer. Standard jewellery is implant grade S316LVM (surgical) steel. This is a great material for piercings, however, titanium and in certain cases, bioplast are far more suited to healing piercings. If you have an extreme allergy to nickel (which is extremely unlikely to be a problem with the high grade of steel we use, as it is made in such a special way that almost all the (tiny amounts of) nickel and other alloys are “trapped” inside the jewellery and don’t get released into the skin. However, titanium is a great option as it is completely hypoallergenic. A lot of people think they are allergic to most jewellery because they have had reactions to sterling silver… let’s get one thing straight, sterling silver is never a good choice! It is a completely inappropriate metal to be worn inside the body, and can also stain the site of the piercing green… not pretty.

If you have had a reaction to sterling silver, or pretty much any jewellery bought from retail beauty and jewellery stores (including “allergy-free” items), odds are you are not allergic to our implant grade steel and titanium may not be necessary. Just like “piercing gun” chains, these stores do not operate in an ethical way, and their jewellery should be avoided at all costs. However, there’s nothing wrong with simply going for titanium to be safe; because it actually is better! It’s way lighter than steel, which makes it almost mandatory to use it in a navel piercing for example, so the weight of the steel does not cause migration. Also, the body does not see titanium/bioplast as a foreign body as much as it does steel. So I would go for the best for your body! You can add an extra R150 to get implant grade titanium put in your piercing.. internally threaded too. Do what’s right for your body! However; we understand and cater to everyone’s budget. Can’t wait to see you beautiful people and to make you more beautiful!

Ear Piercings

Lobe Piercing

R200 for one, or R300 for two

Helix/Cartilage Piercing

R250, or R350 with a black/gold ball or Swarovski gem

Conch Piercing


Forward Helix Piercing

R350 single, R450 for a double forward helix, or R550 for a triple forward helix piercing

Flat/Scapha Piercing


Tragus Piercing


Anti-Tragus Piercing


Rook Piercing


Daith Piercing


Snug Piercing

R300, or R400 for titanium

Industrial Piercing


Orbital Piercing


*Tragus Surface Prices are R350 for a steel curved barbell (not recommended), R400 for a titanium curved barbell, and R500 for a flat surface bar with plain disks. This is a really good price because I want to make it affordable for you to choose the right option.

**I pierce this very differently – it’s a very long and surgical preparation (just all the stuff I use), so a lot of disposable items/prep go into making sure you get the safest and most painless experience possible and that the angles match up perfectly, so we have no complications!

***Starting with two separate pieces of jewellery and then fitting the ring in once healed.

Oral Piercings

Smiley Piercing


Labret/Lip Piercing

R350 for one, or R600 for two

Madonna/Monroe Piercing

R350 for one, or R600 for two

Tongue Piercing


Vertical Labret


Philtrum Piercing


Cheek Piercings

R500 for 2**

Ashley Piercing


*Including the second piece of jewelry I put in (downsize) and numbing (not that it’s really needed, but it’s a cool experience). The mouthwash I recommend that I stock in studio is R200, which I know is steep, but come on guys this is your tongue. You’re only going to do it once so treat it like your baby and let the healing happen fast with the best stuff! If you absolutely cannot afford it, a cheaper option is available. I’ll give you some ibuprofen/codeine (if you’re fine with codeine) when you get the piercing so you don’t have to run straight to the pharmacy, but I always recommend buying GenPayne. Or, if you don’t take codeine due to allergies or other personal reasons, MyPaid is your best bet.

**I do not do these past the point of the further back side of your eye. That spot, and an invisible line going straight down, is my boundary as to how far back I will go with your cheek piercings. This is to avoid contact with the facial nerve branches and to keep away from risky glands. If you want to do them very far back, I’m sorry but I’m not the person, safety first. I also only use bioplast for these because even if you don’t think your dental health is important now, you may later and I don’t want to be the reason for damaged teeth/gum. Enamel and gum tissue DO not rejuvenate, so let’s stay risk-free

***If I’m going to do it, the price will be R350, but odds are I won’t. Your dental health is more important than you think. For this reason I will also only use bioplast on this piercing, and shape the jewelry rather than downsizing as you heal. These are also prone to migration and sometimes don’t heal in the center. Suitable candidates for this piercing are those who can diligently follow aftercare for correct healing, and who do not mind the potential negative outcomes associated with this piercing.

Facial Piercings

Nose Piercing

R250 with plain disc, or R300 with Swarovski gem

High Nostril Piercing


Eyebrow Piercing

R400, with titanium jewellery

Septum Piercing


Bridge Piercing


*With the guarantee that it will not be pierced as some people have expected “5 times” – if I pierce your septum and I’m not happy with the angle, it’s because I made a MISTAKE, and it should maximum happen once (if it has to – really doesn’t with me because I check and do it with care) ..the amount of people walking in telling me that they are expecting a 5-poke job to get a straight piercing is outrageous.. so there, the rumour is debunked! This piercing includes numbing too, and we customize the jewellery to fit your anatomy so that you can flip it up and hide it.

Torso Piercings

Nipple Piercing

R350 each

Navel Piercing


Surface Piercing

R450 for titanium, R550 for new design flat bar*

*The R450 option is titanium of course, but not as top notch as the “newer” design with a flat bar that considerably reduces the chance of rejection and increases the chance of your surface piercing healing. The only surface piercing with either bar that I have some confidence in saying that this could be a permanent piercing is the nape (back of the neck), but, lots of people are having success with this flat bar, so let’s check it out!

Dermal Anchors

Plain Disk


Disk with Gem

Or gold/black disc – R600

Disk with Opal


Genital Piercings

Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing


Christina Piercing


Prince Albert Piercing


Frenum Piercing


Scrotum Piercing


A Note on Sedatives

I cannot give out scheduled tranquillizers as it really isn’t necessary. If you want that I’d appreciate it if you spoke to your doctor and got that from them. Let’s try not to make chemicals the answer to getting your piercing comfortably, because you can have that with no assistance from anything. If you are very nervous, I do offer an extremely badass sceletium extract that will help, a lot, and because this is legal (or maybe just a legal loophole that we can jump through for now), I feel a lot more comfortable that I am safe and most importantly that you are safe. As far as the numbing goes these creams are extremely strong and are not something anyone can access, so I think I’ve pushed the boundaries enough now to keep you guys comfortable. Don’t underestimate this topical anaesthetic, it REALLY packs a punch!