Hygiene and safety standards

Cape Town is a city in Africa, so obviously we are going to be a bit behind in some ways. Medically we are great, so surely the piercing industry would follow suit? Sadly not – many studios around Cape Town show shocking studio ethics! I’ve seen studios reuse needles, and I’ve seen studios put their gloves on, close the curtain and continue to pierce me… shocking! I guarantee to anyone that comes to my studio that my studio is stricter than a hospital. No one comes in without sanitizing their hands, and the studio is cleaned with anti bacterial detergents daily. The piercing process is super hygienic – some people think too hygienic – but I would rather be safe than sorry. Anything that touches your body is either only used once and then disposed of, or has been sterilized by an autoclave. An autoclave is a very important part of the studio because it’s the only way to guarantee 100% sterilization (zero bacteria). I’ve seen people spray something with alcohol and call it “sterilized” – if you ever see that, run! I’ve seen a studio let you try on jewelry and give it back, and then they sell it to someone else. If you see that, you guessed it – run! And, of course, do not use the piercing gun. Because they use that gun on everyone that comes into the store, and the gun cannot be autoclaved. This is why it’s so important that you go the proper route! Go to someone who knows proper hygiene and how to properly pierce you in the quickest and most painless way. Come to Cape Town Body Piercing, and you are guaranteed full attention and time put into your piercing, plus a hygienic and private experience, a great chat, and proper aftercare instructions. Put coming to Cape Town Body Piercing on your bucket list. You won’t be disappointed!